Cyber Security Issues Found With Maricopa County Software PASSWORDS WERE NEVER CHANGED Since 2019

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The Maricopa County Audit is keeping everyone on the edge of their seat.

Digital Forensic Auditor Ben Cotton has revealed that there were several cyber security issues regarding the software installed on Maricopa County’s election equipment.

One security issue Cotton found was that Maricopa County’s election management system shared common passwords for both users and administration accounts.

To make matters worse those same accounts never changed their passwords since August 6th of 2019 when the county reportedly downloaded Dominion Voting software.

That wasn’t the only security breach, Maricopa County also failed to update antivirus software since August 6th of 2019 which was the date they last installed Dominion’s software.

The county never changed their passwords and everyone from all levels shared passwords, how much insecure can an election be?

The Arizona Audit is done yet, you can watch it here:

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