Democrat in Gorilla Mask ATTACKS Larry Elder, Attempted to Throw Egg at His Head

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Larry Elder has been physically attacked in California.

The candidate for governor is safe.

Earlier this afternoon, a white woman wearing a gorilla mask attempted to throw eggs at Larry Elder’s head.

Fortunately, the eggs missed.

Can you imagine if Larry Elder were a Democrat?

Don’t you think this would be a national story right now?

Don’t you think the media would be calling Republicans and white people “racists”?


A white Democrat woman in California is able to throw eggs at a black man… and no one in the media (or on social media) appears to be blinking an eye!

The double standard is ridiculous!

It also proves that Democrats have a narrative to promote when it comes to race and racism.

Watch video of the attack below:

The lady almost hit Larry Elder in the back of the head.

So two things:

  1. She tried to physically assault him.
  2. She was attacking him while he had his back turned.

This is truly a disgrace and this woman should be ashamed for her actions.

The Daily Caller reports that she was 18 inches away from hitting Larry Elder:

California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder and his campaign team were attacked by egg-throwing protestors while walking through a Los Angeles neighborhood Wednesday.

Video footage shows an egg flying across the screen, narrowly missing Elder. Just seconds later, an unidentified woman in a gorilla mask throws another egg at Elder and narrowly misses. It is not known if Elder or any of his team members were struck by any eggs.

A member of Elder’s team can be heard in the video warning the candidate that they’re being, “egged from behind.” Shortly after throwing the egg and missing, the gorilla-masked woman gets approached by a male staffer and shouts “Don’t touch me, motherf*cker!” before appearing to slap him in the face, video shows.

Shortly thereafter, an unidentified man aggressively approaches the same staffer and yells at him, merely inches from his face, video shows. It is unclear what he says to the staffer.

This proves that Democrats are truly TERRIFIED of Larry Elder.

If you have nothing to fear, then why attack him?!

Again, we all know that if this would have happened to Barack Obama or any black candidate on the left, the media would be lecturing us about racism.


Because Larry Elder is a Republican, no one in the media appears to care.

Fox News confirms today’s attempted attack:

Republican California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder had eggs thrown at him while walking in Los Angeles on Wednesday.

Elder was walking through the Venice neighborhood with members of his campaign team when the attack happened.

Videos of the incident show a first egg flying through the air and nearly hitting Elder. A member of Elder’s team is then seen putting his arm on the candidate’s back and saying: “We’re getting egged from behind.”

Shortly after that, someone threw a second egg towards Elder and his team. It is unclear from the videos if Elder was hit by any eggs. A video posted to Twitter shows a woman in the gorilla mask threw at least one of the eggs.

Multiple people also became physically aggressive towards Elder’s team, including the woman in the gorilla mask who appeared to slap a staffer in the face.

One man could be heard calling Elder a “piece of s**t” as Elder was escorted into his vehicle.

Elder, who would be the first Black governor of California if elected, is widely considered the leading Republican challenger to Gov. Gavin Newsom in this month’s recall election.

The identity of the woman is not currently known.

It is also unknown whether law enforcement was called to the scene to apprehend the woman.

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