“Dictator Biden” Was Trending on Twitter

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If you’ve been paying attention for the last few hours, you’ve probably heard that Joe Biden gave a speech in which he threatened American citizens.

If you’ve also looked at your Twitter feed during that time, you also may have noticed that “Dictator Biden” was trending.

If you were unaware of either of those facts, take a look now!

Joe Biden just threatened 80 million United States citizens, private businesses, and republican governors.

When you threaten half the country, people start to pay attention.

It’s easy to see why Dictator Biden was just trending…

Biden also threatened to use his power to get certain governors who won’t comply with his demands “out of the way.”

Other politicians reminded Biden that he is in fact NOT a dictator, and has no authority to do the things he is trying to do.

As many have pointed out, joe Biden is everything that the left falsely claimed President Donald Trump was, and worse.

He’s an evil dictator who is destroying our nation.

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