Elon Musk’s Girlfriend Offers A Refreshing Take On America

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Celebrities typically hate America.

This is shocking and hypocritical because many if not all of them would never enjoy the same level of status, wealth, and prestige in another country.

In fact, most of them wouldn’t even survive in a country which didn’t respect individual liberty—think Iran, Saudia Arabia, and North Korea.

Because of this, it’s really refreshing to see a celebrity get up there and not mock America.

Elon Musk’s girlfriend, known to many as ‘Grimes’, seems to have a very pro-American stance, and she aired her views recently at the Met Gala:


The Media Research Center had more on the story:

During the Met Gala, Grimes, whose real name is Claire Elise Boucher, took to the red carpet in a very sci-fi look and told the press that her dress was inspired by American artists. While doing so she professed her love for this country and provided a dry quip about the fact that it’s not cool to say that in polite society, or at least around the wealthy libs who populate such elitist shindigs.

Keeping with the theme of the event, which was dubbed, “In American: A Lexicon of Fashion,” Grimes explained that her sci-fi dress, which featured purple and chrome patterns complete with an entirely chrome face mask, was inspired by the upcoming movie Dune, which she reminded viewers is adapted from a sci fi novel written by an American author.


The Observer noted that Grimes’ sword was made by the same company that provides AR-15’s to the military:

Grimes told Vogue that the outfit was actually Dune-inspired. And as for the sword?

“The sword is based on a western European sword from the end of the Middle Ages around 1400,” Grimes told Vogue, adding that it’s “a permanent piece of the Met’s collection, and the sword is also cast from a Colt AR-15A3. It’s from these people who are getting people’s [guns] who don’t want to have their automatic rifles anymore, and are melting them down and making them perfect replicas of medieval swords, which I think is just so cool—I think it’s a beautiful thing.”

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