EXPOSED: Here’s How They Are Trying To Cut Off The Food Supply and Starve You!

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The Bible says of the people who hate God that they “invent new ways of doing evil.”

I am often reminded of that phrase when studying the evil of the Deep State.

It seems like they constantly invent new ways to harm and poison humanity.

The latest?

The all out attack on our food supply and supply chain.

That’s right folks, they are doing everything they can to create a food crisis.

You think it was bad when you couldn’t buy butt wipe?

They want to run that same playbook again but this time it will be every type of food.

You won’t have to worry about the butt wipe because you won’t be eating enough to crap anything out.

At least that is, if they are successful with their plans.

So evil.

Just watch it here on Rumble, it’s a short video:

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