First Religious Exemptions Granted By Military

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The entire Covid-19 narrative is in full collapse…

Biden’s tyrannical mandate has seen its end thanks to yesterday’s SCOTUS ruling. It is a shame to see that they still upheld the medical mandate, but most medical institutions require yearly flu shots—which is just as unnecessary.

If you or a loved one works in healthcare then I suggest that you begin filing your own lawsuits. We won on one front, we can win on the other front as well—with enough public pressure that is.

We recently saw the first religious exemptions to the vaccine granted by the U.S. military…

I am not 100% certain on this, but in my estimation the recent ruling and the approval of the first religious exemptions by the military are deeply related.

My prediction is that we will begin to see massive backpedaling on Covid-19 policies, as the entire globalist, statist position becomes untenable.

At the same time SCOTUS has stricken down the vaccine mandate, Mexico is lifting all Covid-19 entry requirements into the country.

Most governments around the globe take a cue from U.S. government, and the striking down of Biden’s illegal mandate signals that the global leader is just about done with all the Covid hysteria.

More people than ever are now awake, and this historic legal victory in the highest court in the free world has permanently crippled the entire Covid-19 government ‘health’ movement.

The government cannot keep you safe from a virus anymore than they can keep you safe from the affects of your own emotions, to think that they can is foolishness and naivety of the highest order.

We welcome the reports of the first religious exemptions being granted by the military—the tide has turned ladies and gentlemen:

The Epoch Times tells us:

The Marine Corps is the first U.S. military branch to grant religious exemptions to the military’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, nearly two months after the vaccination deadline for active-duty Marines.

The lack of approvals prompted a federal judge earlier this month to block the mandate for a group of Navy personnel, with the judge finding the record “overwhelmingly demonstrates that the Navy’s religious accommodation process is an exercise in futility.”

Washington Examiner adds:

To date, 3,350 Marines have requested religious accommodations, but 3,212 have been processed and denied. The rest are still in the evaluation process. Despite thousands of requests, the Army, Navy, and Air Force have not granted any religious exemptions.

The Air Force has had more than 4,500 religious exemption requests, with 2,387 being disapproved. There are more than 2,100 pending requests and 148 pending appeals.

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