FLASHBACK: Biden To Our Troops: “Clap You Stupid Bastards!”

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In light of the horrible tragedies (or intentional murder?) Biden has subjected our troops to in Afghanistan, I thought it was a good time to “circle back” (you’re welcome Pissaki) to this clip.

This is Joe Biden telling the troops exactly what he thinks of them.

While giving a speech, Joe’s line bombed and what did he do?

He blamed the troops.

“Clap you stupid bastards!” is what Joe said after his stupid comment bombed and failed to get a response.

Joe hopes we would forget this quote but I am here to remind every single American.

THIS is what Joe Biden thinks of our troops and THIS is why he left them to DIE in Afghanistan.

He is sick.

He is a traitor.

He is anti-American.

Just watch it for yourself here on Rumble:

Hey Joe, two word:


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