Florida Appeals Court Sides With Governor DeSantis, Reinstates School Mask Mandate Ban

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Today was a major win for children of the sunshine state.

After local school districts defied Governor DeSantis’s mask mandate ban, an Appeals Court has reinstated the ban.

The decision ensures parents call the shots for their children.

They decide whether or not to mask their children.

Common sense parents who follow the real science will not muzzle their children and allow them to breathe while attending school.

Tyrannical school districts have no authority to force children to wear masks.

And any attempt to enforce these child abusive mask mandates will result in fines.

This is how you protect the rights of your constituents from these wannabe tyrants.

Props to Governor DeSantis for his fight to protect children from these child abusers.

Here’s the latest:





Unsurprisingly, the child abusers were upset by the decision.


The fight will continue with Dictator Joe’s administration creating a new grant to offset financial penalties of the defiant school districts.

And the child abusers will attempt to push the case to the Florida Supreme Court.

The Hill reported:

The First District Court of Appeals on Friday reinstated Florida’s ban on mask mandates for schools, granting Gov. Ron DeSantis‘s motion.

The court’s ruling means the state is now able to go after schools financially that decide to impose mask mandates.

A spokesman for DeSantis, a Republican, quickly hailed the decision on Twitter.

The ruling by the judge comes two days after DeSantis filed an emergency appeal after a Leon County circuit judge blocked the measure.

DeSantis has been at the center of controversy over his efforts to ban mask mandates in schools as cases of the coronavirus rise.

He has argued the decision should be up to parents, and that schools should not be allowed to require the masking of students.

Opponents argue DeSantis’s policy is putting children at risk.

The governor has been going after the salaries of local school board members who vote to impose a mask mandate on students in school.

The Miami Herald had further info:

A three-judge panel of the 1st District Court of Appeal pointed to “serious doubts” about a parent-led lawsuit that contends the governor overstepped his authority when issuing an executive order that aimed to bar strict mask mandates in schools.

“Upon our review of the trial court’s final judgment and the operative pleadings, we have serious doubts about standing, jurisdiction, and other threshold matters,” the order states. “These doubts significantly militate against the likelihood of the appellees’ [parents’] ultimate success in this appeal.”

The order means that pending the outcome of an appeal, the state can continue to punish school officials who impose mask mandates without a parent opt-out.

“We are disappointed by the ruling and will be seeking pass-through jurisdiction of the Supreme Court of Florida. With a stay in place, students, parents and teachers are back in harm’s way,” said Charles Gallagher, the lead attorney for the group of parents who brought the case to court.

DeSantis responded to the appellate court’s ruling on Twitter, by saying: “No surprise here — the 1st DCA has restored the right of parents to make the best decisions for their children. I will continue to fight for parents’ rights.”


It is the latest twist in a legal battle over school mask mandates as 13 Florida school districts continue to defy the state’s mask orders by imposing strict masking requirements.

So far, the state has begun withholding funds equivalent to the monthly salaries of school board members in Broward and Alachua counties and is in the midst of investigating other districts for non-compliance.

The state’s financial penalties are likely to be offset by federal dollars. President Joe Biden’s administration on Thursday announced the creation of a new grant designed specifically to cover any fines or withholding of funds that school districts face because of their mask rules.

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