Former Emmy Nominated ABC Employee Arrested Under Sealed Indictment For Threatening To Kill Congressman Matt Gaetz

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The Justice Department has made a deeply disturbing admission involving a January 9th death threat made against Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz.

A 58 year old man from California named Eugene Heulsman was indicted by a Federal Grand Jury in May of this year for making death threats against the sitting Congressman.

A transcript of the voicemail left three days after the January 6th protest at the Capitol reveals the violent hatred many on the left have developed for anyone and everyone associated with President Donald Trump:

“Tell [M.G.] to watch his back, tell him to watch his children. I’m coming for him … I’m gonna f—ing kill him … I’m gonna put a bullet in you and I’m gonna put a bullet in one of your f—ing kids too,”

Another disturbing element to this story is Huelsman’s connection to many networks including ABC, NBC, FOX, and CNN.

His credits include work as a camera operator for Disney, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Conan O’Brian, and many other TV and film projects.

His most recent credit is listed as a camera operator for FOX’s New Year’s Eve Toast & Roast 2021.

Perhaps the DOJ was pressured into revealing this admission after Gaetz’s troubling October 20th account on the House floor:

According to a September LA Times article, violent threats against members of Congress have been increasing at an alarming rate over recent years:

Before Jan. 6, there was the 2017 shooting of Republican members of Congress and staffers at a practice for the Congressional Baseball Game, and the 2011 shooting of Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords at a constituent event.

The surge in threats has grown exponentially in recent years. In 2016, Capitol Police investigated 902 threats, former House Sergeant at Arms Paul Irving said in a June 2017 letter to the Federal Election Commission. By 2018, there were 5,206 threats, and by 2020, there were 8,613, according to Capitol Police figures provided to The Times.

It is not clear why the Justice Department chose not to disclose this incident regarding Matt Gaetz until now, despite the countless other leaks surfacing from various media outlets throughout the same time period.

Journalist and author Glenn Greenwald tweeted a recent clip of Tucker Carlson exposing the bombshell:

Hopefully the FBI and Justice Department will get this under control before this unhinged behavior from some on the left is allowed to reach its precipice.

In my humble opinion, the left must force their ideas on others. Not because they believe they are right. But because any civilized member of society would never willfully agree to participate in the clown show of radical wokeism and shared poverty under Socialist rule.

Donald Trump built an empire in Manhattan. But he’s building an even bigger one in the heads of liberals every single day.

Let’s see what happens.

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