Giant Trump Floatilla Returns To Florida, Attempts To Break World Record

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Think Trump’s support has decreased?


No, it looks to me like it has grown exponentially over the past year of the Bidan Regime.

In fact, there is so much support that the Trump Boat Parade Floatilla returned to Destin, FL this weekend and is attempting to break a world record!

Here are some details from NWF Daily News and then scroll down for pictures and video:

After hundreds of Donald Trump supporters showed up for a boat parade last year, organizers are hoping for another “Yuge!” turnout this Labor Day weekend.

On Sunday, organizers of the 2021 Patriots United Trump Flotilla will work to make history by becoming the “World’s Largest Boat Parade.” Boaters from around the world are invited to come out and join the flotilla, which will start its route west of the Brooks Bridge and travel under the Destin Bridge as the finish.

After the event, participants are invited to enjoy the local waterways or hang out at the famous Crab Island.

“You know you want to show people your boat and make history at the same time,” the event website says. “You don’t need an excuse to participate, but you know you want to!!!!”

The event is organized by Anne Ziegenhorn and Deidre Cannon, co-administrators of the “I’m a Florida Trump Girl” Facebook page, and David and Chandra Rich of Gas Monkey Propane, according to an event website.

In 2020, boats of all sizes sporting American flags and Trump memorabilia joined with another boat parade to make an attempt at the world record.

Hundreds of boats head west through Santa Rosa Sound during last year’s Emerald Coast Florida Trump Flotilla.
According to the Guinness Book of World Records’ website, their current record holder is a 1,180-boat parade held as part of the Malaysia Day celebrations in Kemaman, Terengganu, Malaysia, on Sept. 13, 2014.

This year, the Patriots United Trump Flotilla team is bringing in its own professional audit team to verify and certify the size of the local parade.

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