Governor Greg Gianforte Offers $12,500 Incentive For Fired Healthcare Workers to Relocate to Montana

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Montana is the state that keeps winning for medical freedom of choice.

It’s currently the nation’s lone state to have legislation that bans employer vaccine mandates.

Governor Greg Gianforte (R) added an enticing incentive for any healthcare worker fired from their job due to discriminatory COVID-19 jab mandates.

He offered $12,500 for the fired workers to relocate to Big Sky Country.



KFYR TV shared details of the program:

Montana governor Greg Gianforte announced Tuesday a new healthcare workforce recruitment program aimed at stabilizing Montana’s healthcare system.

The “Health Care Workforce Relocation Assistance Program,” will allow employers to cover relocation cost for those who commit to permanently moving to Montana and remain employed for 12 consecutive months. Up to $12,500 will be available for moving expenses. Gianforte said he hopes the program will help in solving the state’s worker shortage which has been made worse due to the pandemic.

Gianforte isn’t the only governor to offer fired workers a sanctuary of freedom to utilize their skills.

Governor DeSantis offered unvaccinated police officers fired from their jobs a $5,000 bonus to relocate to Florida.

Other Republican governors and legislators should take note of the moves by Gianforte and DeSantis.

Medical freedom of choice wins.

And that’s what will attract skilled, essential workers to their state.

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