Here We Go: A Hybrid Flu And C-19 Jab Is COMING

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Don’t you find it strange that flu cases declined by record amounts as Covid cases surged?

A lot of people, myself included, think they are fudging the numbers on this, and claiming influenza cases are actually Covid cases. In fact many PCR tests have trouble telling the difference.

As per usual we were labeled conspiracy theorists for sharing this information, but now we have an interesting development…..

According to sources, Novavax has begun clinical trials for its hybrid Covid-19 and flu treatment.

This indicates two things:

First, Covid-19 and the flu are extremely related, if they weren’t there wouldn’t be a hybrid solution dealing with both.

Second, the idea that they were cooking the books on Covid and influenza numbers is now even more likely given that we know that this hybrid solution is now in the works.

Here is what we currently know:


Details of the study were provided by The Epoch Times:

The early-stage phase 1/2 study will examine a combination of a seasonal influenza vaccine candidate from Novavax and a COVID-19 vaccine candidate the company makes, neither of which have been authorized or approved for use in the United States.

Approximately 640 healthy adults between the ages of 50 and 70 will participate in the trial, which will take place in Australia. Only people who have been previously infected with the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, which causes COVID-19, or have been vaccinated with an authorized COVID-19 vaccine at least eight weeks prior to enrollment will be considered.

Results are expected during the first half of 2022.


The Motley Fool explains:

The CDC said people who were in Novavax’s clinical trial who got the vaccine should be considered fully vaccinated. Not the people got placebo, though presumably most of the people who got placebo, went back and got the vaccine after it was offered to them. If you got the vaccine either through the initial tests or through switching from placebo to vaccine, you’re considered fully vaccinated.

I’m assuming the statement was put out because more and more places are requiring proof of vaccinations. Obviously employers, but we had to show proof of vaccination to avoid needing to get tested before flying to Hawaii. Someone on my daughter’s volleyball team tested positive, and the procedure for the league is that vaccinated kids can still play even if somebody on their team tests positive. She had to prove that she had been vaccinated to be able to play and practice and play in the games.

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