Hundreds Of Thousands Of U.S. Military Personnel Still Unvaccinated

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Resistance to the vaccine mandate continues to mount.

We have already seen Chicago’s police union rise up in defiance of the mandate, and a flurry of lawsuits opposing vaccine mandates are currently underway.

Mass non-compliance also seems to have taken root in the military, as hundreds of thousands of military personnel remain unvaccinated, even as the deadline for the mandate looms.

Will they continue to resist?

Judging by a conversation that I had with several friends who are in the service, I can say that they will absolutely resist these tyrannical mandates every step of the way.

We are probably about to lose a lot of great people in our armed forces…..people are ready and willing to quit over this.

There is a firm line drawn in the sand, and this regime just keeps pushing up against it.

Here are the latest developments:


The Epoch Times had more:

“There’s been a significant pushback,” Sean Timmons, a military veteran and a managing partner at Tully Rinckey, told The Epoch Times.

The percentage of unvaccinated is likely to be so high that the military will use non-compliance with the mandate to kick out troops that leaders don’t like but will retain those they do, at least for a while, he added.


Daily Mail provided these figures:

Meanwhile, just 72 percent of the 181,000 active Marine Corps personnel have been vaccinated – meaning close to 51,000 have yet to have the jab.

Both branches have to be fully vaccinated by November 28, under the Defense Department’s August mandate.

Figures show that 81 percent of Army members are fully vaccinated. That branch of the military has 485,000 members, with the 19 per cent who remain unvaccinated representing well over 95,000 personnel.

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