Is an Interstate Travel Mandate Coming Soon For the Unvaccinated?

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Interstate travel and freedom of movement is a fundamental right laid out in the U.S. Constitution.

The Privileges and Immunities Clause discusses the right to interstate travel.

And the Supreme Court has confirmed freedom of movement as a Constitutional right.

However, authoritarians eager to destroy the United States don’t believe citizens should have this Constitutional right.

They consider your rights as ‘privileges’ and think your vaccination status should determine your ability to travel.

Former Planned Parenthood President Leana Wen is one tyrannical control freak who doesn’t believe in your fundamental rights.

She didn’t think Biden’s mandate went far enough.



Wen is a psychotic woman and would happily install border checkpoints to check for your papers.

The Biden Administration decided against an unvaccinated interstate travel mandate since they know the ramifications of such actions.

However, they have already considered this unconstitutional act.

Restricting interstate travel is not off the table for unvaccinated Americans.


From the Daily Mail last month:

President Joe Biden’s administration weighed mandating vaccines for interstate travel as part of a series of stricter rules to combat the rising COVID rate and encourage Americans to get their shot in the arm.

But the administration worried such a move would be too polarizing, the Associated Press reported.

However, that option remains on the table if public opinion polls shift, indicating more and more people see vaccines as the best route to returning to normalcy.

But there remains a sizable chunk of the population that wants vaccination to remain a choice.

A recent Fox News poll found that 77% of those who voted for Donald Trump said that it’s more important to allow people to choose whether or not to get the COVID vaccine, while only 16% of Biden voters said the same.

And a huge majority of Biden voters – 81% – said they believe it’s more important to prioritize overall public health and safety by requiring vaccinations in order to return to normal life while only 21% thought the same.

The Biden administration is continuing its push to get more shots in the arms as COVID cases are up 86% in the United States, taking a carrot and stick approach – incentives to get the vaccine and making life tougher for those who don’t.

Vaccine rates are up, including in several Southern states that are seeing large breakouts of the virus, even as the daily case rate hits a six-month high.

‘We are doing everything we can to get people vaccinated and support state and local leaders on the ground,’ said White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator Jeff Zients at Thursday’s press briefing. ‘But as we have said from the start, ending this pandemic requires every American doing their part. So, please, if you’re unvaccinated, get your shot. It’s free, it’s convenient, it works, and it’s never been more important.’

When the pace of vaccinations in the U.S. first began to slow, President Biden backed incentives like million-dollar cash lotteries if that’s what it took to get shots in arms. But as new coronavirus infections soar, he’s testing a tougher approach.

But the mandates likely won’t end at interstate travel for unvaccinated Americans.

Clif High had this ominous tweet of what may be on the horizon.

Restrict interstate travel by vehicle.

No domestic or international air travel.

No social security.

Special taxes.

If you chose not to receive the experimental COVID-19 injection, you officially become an open-air prisoner.

It’s a desecration of the U.S. Constitution in the disguise of “public health.”

In reality, it’s scapegoating unvaccinated Americans into making them the enemies of society.

However, this is all speculation for now.

Clif High reiterated none of those are confirmed, but I’d guess they’re all on the table.

Nothing would surprise me from this tyrannical regime.

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