Joe Biden Claims Chasing Senators into Bathrooms Is “Part of the Process — But Carrying American Flags into US Capitol Is Criminal Activity with Serious Punishment

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In April, Chris Wray and the FBI announced they were looking for a Trump-supporting grandma who walked through the US Capitol on January 6th. She was carrying a flag.
They were after her for criminal activity.

IThe FBI is the enemy of the people.

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Grandma’s with flags walking through the US Capitol are dangerous insurrectionists.

But on Monday Joe Biden OK’ed the far left thugs who chased Kysrten Sinema into a bathroom stall at Arizona State.

Joe Biden said it was “just part of the process.”

Violence is permitted in this administration — grandmas walking with flags in the US Capitol are dangerous and should face the full force of the law.

Are you paying attention, yet?

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