Joe Biden Goes Creepy, Unhinged: “Not More, FEWER!”

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This guy is not mentally stable.

Not emotionally stable.

Not mentally all there.

This is a dangerous, unhinged human being.

But don’t take my word for it.

Just watch this and ask yourself who would ever trust this lunatic:

Maybe he just got confused and instead of saying “fewer” he thought he was saying “Führer”….as in Hitler.

Because Joe Biden is demonstrating he likes being an authoritarian autocrat just as much as Hitler.

You think that’s it?

Look how angry he is:

Here is the full clip in context:

Twitter rushed to point out that we have fewer thanks to him!

Like Afghanistan, for one.

And soon, American for two!

Others rightly pointed out how absolutely damn creepy this was:

What did you think?

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