Joe Biden Makes Bizarre Comment About Michigan’s Lt Governor to Unenthusiastic Crowd (VIDEO)

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This was weird.

Joe Biden traveled to Howell, Michigan on Tuesday to pitch his unpopular $3.5 trillion ‘infrastructure’ plan.

Thousands of Trump supporters lined the streets on Tuesday to greet Joe Biden as he arrived in Howell.

Trump supporters waved ‘F*ck Joe Biden’ flags and gave Biden the middle finger as his presidential motorcade drove by.

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The paltry crowd Biden was speaking to at the training facility for the International Union of Operating Engineers wasn’t too excited to see him either.

“Hello, Michigan! It’s good to be back!” Biden said to a few groans.


Then Biden made a bizarre comment about Governor Gretchen Whitmer and her Lt. Governor, Garlin Gilchrist

After praising Governor Whitmer, Hoe Biden thanked the Lt. Governor who “covers her in every way, both in terms of physically, and mentally, and every other way.”


Here’s a photo of the seating arrangement at Joe Biden’s speech:

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