Joe Biden Triggered by the Thousands of Trump Supporters Holding “F*ck Joe Biden” Signs in Michigan (VIDEO)

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Joe Biden traveled to Howell, Michigan on Tuesday to pitch his unpopular $3.5 trillion ‘infrastructure’ plan.

Thousands of Trump supporters lined the streets on Tuesday to greet Joe Biden as he arrived in Howell.

Trump supporters waved ‘F*ck Joe Biden’ flags and gave Biden the middle finger as his presidential motorcade drove by.

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Biden motorcade point of view of the ‘F*ck Biden’ signs as he arrived in Howell:

Joe Biden spoke to a small crowd of people at the training facility for the International Union of Operating Engineers as he claimed he got more than 81 million votes.

Here’s the venue:

Biden was triggered by the signs and said the thousands of Trump supporters carrying ‘F*ck Joe Biden’ signs is why he got 81 million votes.

Joe Biden has zero support and the crowd of 12 people or so showed no enthusiasm but he totally got 81 million votes.

“And not withstanding some of the signs that I saw coming… that’s why 81 million Americans voted for me. The largest number of votes in American history,” said Biden.


Here’s how the Michigan crowd responded to the most popular president in US history:

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