Johnny Enlow: Two Prophetic Visions of 45!

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Johnny Enlow was on Elijah Streams recently and he told the story of two prophetic dreams he had recently about #45….aka president Trump!

That headline caught my eye and made me want to listen to his story.

But when I did I was even more captivated by something he said near the end.

He reinforced something he’s been saying for over a year now….

He said when the full truth comes out, and it will be soon, he said many people who you thought were dead will be found out to be very much alive and many people who you thought were alive will be found out to have died a while ago.

Oh my!

And he said said there will be more of the former category than the latter.

I have a lot of thoughts about many names who might be in both camps.

From a story I brought you yesterday, Kamala Harris anyone?

This is a short clip but packed full of a ton of really awesome stuff.


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