Kansas Governor Pushes Back Against Vaccine Mandates!

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Even Democrats are fighting back against Biden’s tyranny!

Laura Kelly has become the latest governor to announce measures to protect American employees and their families from Joe Biden’s vaccine mandate.

The new law will force businesses to consider and accept broad exemptions to the mandate from their employees or face a hefty penalty for failing to do so.

This comes at a time when the regime is attempting to target truckers, and force them to take an experimental vaccine that close to 40% of them indicate they are never going to take.

I don’t need to tell you the effect this will have on our already compromised supply chain…

Here’s how Laura Kelly is protecting American workers in her state:

The Epoch Times writes:

The legislation (pdf) states that any employer who imposes a COVID-19 vaccine requirement must exempt workers if they submit a written waiver request stating that complying with the requirement would endanger the life or health of the waiver applicant or somebody they live with or if receiving the vaccine violates a sincerely held religious belief.

Any workers punished or terminated due to violation of the law would be able to file a complaint with state officials, who would be mandated to investigate each complaint and issue an order on each case within 60 calendar days.

National File had more:

“This bill is the result of compromise in action. Now that it is signed, we need to turn our attention towards pressing issues like growing our economy and passing my plan to Axe the Food Tax, so we can put money back into everyday Kansans’ pockets.”

However, despite being labelled as a compromise by Kelly and other Kansas politicians, the bill retains very strong provisions for any worker whose employer institutes a coronavirus vaccine mandate.

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