Where’s the Outrage? Dems Silent Following Possible Racially Motivated Attack on Larry Elder

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Liberalism is a  mental disorder.

I wish I was making this next part up, but I’m not…

A white woman wearing a gorilla mask and riding a bike attacked a black California mayoral candidate with some sort of projectile.

Video caught the woman following closely behind recall candidate Larry Elder, and then throwing what may have been an egg towards his head.

The woman was then confronted by another official, and she punched him in the face.

I’ll say it again…

Liberalism is a mental disorder.

Here’s more on the bizarre and disturbing incident from our friends at the Blaze:

While California Gov. Gavin Newsom could be figuratively left with egg on his face if voters oust him from office during the state’s gubernatorial recall election, it appears that someone threw a literal egg at recall candidate Larry Elder on Wednesday.

Video footage shows a person in a gorilla mask throwing an object at Elder from behind, and Kate Cagle of Spectrum News 1 tweeted that it was an egg that just missed the back of Elder’s head.

“It kind of glanced his head,” an Elder campaign staffer said about the projectile, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Elder, a conservative talk radio show host who is running in the state’s recall election, is one of the dozens of candidates vying for the opportunity to replace Newsom. If he wins he would become the state’s first black governor.

The Washington Times has more on the ensuing scuffle, and Larry Elder’s response:

A man who appeared to be part of Mr. Elder’s security detail approached the woman from behind, prompting her to yell “don’t touch me again” and punch him. Others shouted at and jostled him.

In the ensuing scuffle, the man appeared to have an egg thrown at his head before he left and joined the campaign entourage, which escorted Mr. Elder to an SUV and drove away.

Kevin Yang, a Venice local who watched the kerfuffle, told California Globe that “the gorilla lady hit the one guy, and more eggs were thrown. Then this white SUV just drove away, which I later found out that Elder had been in.”

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