Left PANICS as the World Waits for Arizona Audit Results

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The panic from the Left and mainstream media has been in overdrive while we wait for the Arizona audit results to be released today.

While there is undeniable evidence of voter fraud- and more to be uncovered- the lamestream media attacks any mention of the truth.

The Chair of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, Jack Sellers, and Secretary of State Katie Hobbs have been outspoken attacking the Arizona audit.

Now, rumors are circulating on propaganda search engines and sites, stating that a draft of the audit’s findings shows Biden won.




CNN alleges that the “Bogus GOP Arizona audit confirms the obvious: Biden won”:

Donald Trump’s effort to destroy confidence in America’s elections suffered a serious setback late Thursday after a draft of the sham review ordered by Arizona Republicans confirmed that he had lost to President Joe Biden in the state’s critical Maricopa County. But the ex-President’s relentless campaign of lies took on new life as he prompted Texas to review its own vote counts — even though he easily won the state.

The end result of the partisan probe in Arizona may disappoint Trump, though local officials said it also contained many faulty conclusions that could fulfill its ultimate aim — sowing distrust in the US election system and giving the ex-President material to cherry pick to raise new doubts among his supporters about the result.
Arizona’s example has inspired Republicans in a list of other battleground states to try to hold their own sham “audits” — all targeting elections that were free and fair and which courts ruled were not tainted by fraud. The push, in states like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania that were crucial to Biden’s win, will not only deepen the pool of mistrust among Trump supporters who want to believe his lie that he actually won. It could offer further impetus to the rewriting of state voting laws by Republicans that suppress Democratic and minority votes and make it easier for partisan officials to interfere in the certification of elections in future. And it will fuel the false narrative that Trump was unfairly forced out of the Oval Office on which he is building a possible 2024 campaign and is using to continue to exert control over the GOP even when out of power.
The former President’s ability to force elements of his Republican Party to reject democratic values was earlier in evidence yet again.
Hours after Trump published a public letter to Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott demanding an election audit, the office of Texas’ secretary of state announced Thursday that the process had already begun in the two largest Democratic-leaning counties and the two biggest Republican counties, Dallas, Harris, Tarrant and Collin. Trump wrote in his letter that “Texans know voting fraud occurred in some of their counties. Let’s get to the bottom of the 2020 presidential election scam!”
The audit will take place even though there is no evidence that the election in the Lone Star State was compromised or saw any significant voter fraud. And Trump won the state easily. The Texas Tribune reported in May that an official in the secretary of state’s office had earlier reported to state lawmakers that 2020 voting in Texas was “smooth and secure.”
In the case of Texas, the audit appears to be another sign of how Trump is able to force state officials — especially those, like Abbott, who may be hoping to mount future presidential runs and need to stay in good standing with the ex-President’s base — to carry out his undemocratic will. The process will also raise questions about whether a partisan state administration can be trusted to report fairly on how the election was conducted in Democratic counties.
By persuading the Texas authorities to look into the election, Trump gets the veneer of authority for his false claims. And it creates yet another precedent of interference in vote counting and election certification, which was previously seen as walled off from politicization, that threatens to taint elections in 2022, 2024 and for years to come.
Details of the partisan report in Arizona emerged hours before GOP members of the state Senate were due to present the findings of an their “audit” carried out by Cyber Ninjas, a firm that had no experience in elections, had links to Trump’s orbit and conducted a bizarre process carried out in secrecy.
But the chairman of the Maricopa Board of Supervisors — which ran the election and rejected Trump’s claims — said the vote counts in the report proved the election results were sound.
“You don’t have to dig deep into the draft copy of the Arizona Senate/Cyber Ninja audit report to confirm what I already knew — the candidates certified by the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, Governor, Secretary of State and Attorney General — did, in fact, win,” Chairman Jack Sellers, a Republican, said.
Maricopa County officials confirmed that the review established Biden’s victory over Trump, but they warned that the draft report was “also littered with errors & faulty conclusions about how Maricopa County conducted the 2020 General Election.” That material is likely to be seized upon by Trump die-hards seeking to bolster his false claims that he was cheated out of remaining in the White House.

Trump’s multiple threats to democracy

All of these ongoing threats to faith in American democracy arise out of Trump’s election night claim, “Frankly, we did win this election.” The path that the ex-President took led to a cascade of consequences that underscore that while he left the White House on January 20, the threat he poses to American democracy is still growing.

For instance:

  • New evidence emerged this week that Trump was working off a step-by-step plan for a coup as Congress certified Biden’s election win on January 6, drawn up by conservative lawyer John Eastman.
  • The House select committee investigating the Capitol insurrection issued four subpoenas on Thursday striking at the heart of Trump’s orbit as it seeks to find out what was going on around the ex-President on that fateful day. The panel, in its first round of letters, targeted former Trump White House chief of staff Mark Meadows, former deputy chief of staff Dan Scavino, former adviser Steve Bannon and Kash Patel, a former chief of staff to then-acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller.
  • Multiple Republican-run states have passed laws designed to suppress Democratic and minority votes — all justified by Trump’s false claims of fraud.
  • Some 78% of Republicans, according to a recent CNN/SSRS poll, now believe — after months of Trump’s propaganda — that Biden didn’t win the election.
  • Trump’s lie is infecting the next US election, as he wields his valuable endorsement to make acceptance of his debunked voter fraud claims the price of entry for Republican candidates. Many of these endorsements appear designed to insert his allies into power in offices like state secretary of state and attorney general, where they may be able to influence future elections.

Taken together, these steps, plus the Texas and Arizona audits, reveal a broad effort by Trump and his acolytes to fog the truth about the 2020 election. But they are also meant to provide a rationale and power base for a possible new Trump tilt at the White House in 2024 and to potentially establish a mechanism to steal power.

It seems like another round of disinformation from CNN when they try and blame President Trump for “fogging the truth about the 2020 election.”

Is it President Trump or the left/MSM pushing for election integrity?

AZ Central also reports that Biden won Arizona, alleging that information came from early versions of a report prepared for the Arizona Senate.

Here is more from AZ Central:

A monthslong hand recount of Maricopa County’s 2020 vote confirmed that President Joe Biden won and the election was not “stolen” from former President Donald Trump, according to early versions of a report prepared for the Arizona Senate.

The three-volume report by the Cyber Ninjas, the Senate’s lead contractor, includes results that show Trump lost by a wider margin than the county’s official election results. The data in the report also confirms that U.S. Sen. Mark Kelly won in the county.

The official results are set to be presented to the Senate at 1 p.m. Friday. Several versions of the draft report, titled “Maricopa County Forensic Audit” by Cyber Ninjas, circulated prematurely on Wednesday and Thursday. Multiple versions were obtained by The Arizona Republic.

The Cyber Ninjas and their subcontractors were paid millions to research and write the report by nonprofits set up by prominent figures in the “Stop the Steal” movement and allies of Donald Trump, but Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan said that would not influence their work.

The draft reports reviewed by The Republic minimize the ballot counts and election results and instead focus on issues that raise questions about the election process and voter integrity.


Election analysts say those findings are misleading and built on faulty data.

The draft report shows there was less than a 1,000-vote difference between the county’s certified ballot count and the Cyber Ninjas’ hand count.

The hand count shows Trump received 45,469 fewer votes than Biden. The county results showed he lost by 45,109.

The draft audit report says, however, the election results are inconclusive.

Maricopa County Board Chairman Jack Sellers said the overall results in the draft report confirm “the tabulation equipment counted the ballots as they were designed to do, and the results reflect the will of the voters.”

“That should be the end of the story,” he said. “Everything else is just noise.”

Logan declined to comment through his spokesperson Rod Thomson.

The draft report comes in three parts adding up to about 110 pages. It includes recommended changes to state elections law and suggestions for how the county should correct certain election processes, including how to keep voter information updated, ballot handling and voting machine security.

It recommends that a few concerns be investigated by the Arizona attorney general.

Tom Liddy, a deputy Maricopa County attorney, on Thursday, provided The Republic with a copy of a document the county received.

Liddy said he could not verify the document he had was an official Cyber Ninjas document because the county did not get it from the Senate. He declined to say who provided it to the county but said that someone dropped it off Wednesday at the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office.

Benny White, a prominent Pima County elections consultant, also provided a line-by-line analysis of a draft report he received. It had no connection with the county.

The presidential and U.S. Senate results in the document provided to the county match with White’s copy. He did not provide The Republic with the copy he had, but he verbally confirmed that the results were the same.

The presidential and Senate results from the recount were found in the third volume of the draft. The first volume, the executive summary, focuses on pointing out concerns Cyber Ninjas and its subcontractors have with the county’s election, raising questions about whether there was election fraud and further casting doubt on the integrity of the process.

After they lost a court battle and had to hand over election materials to the Senate earlier this year, county officials did not participate in the audit and did not answer most of the questions the Senate’s contractors had about the county’s election processes. The contractors had no prior election experience, other than their involvement with the “Stop the Steal” movement.

Election consultants from across the country warned before the release of the results to be skeptical of the findings because they say the methods were sloppy, insecure, lacked bipartisan oversight and were unlikely to produce accurate results.

Those who obtained copies of the draft report were already dissecting it.

White said the Senate is raising bogus concerns in a way that will shift focus from the fact that the audit found Trump lost the election by numbers that closely matched the county’s.

“I’m outraged at what the Senate has done, what it is doing here,” he said Thursday. “They have not involved any election officials in this audit. They have not involved any county officials.”

White is part of a three-man team dubbed “The Audit Guys,” who have analyzed election and voting processes nationwide. He said that his team is preparing a rebuttal to the report that will demonstrate section by section how the Cyber Ninjas got it wrong.

“The Ninjas don’t understand Arizona’s voting laws,” he said. “They don’t understand the structure of voting systems.”

He called out the draft report’s failure to provide specific breakdowns of the count in the report, including key voting elements such as boxes, batches and precinct information that would allow experts to burrow into the data.

“We’ve demonstrated in the past that if they produce those counts, we are going to destroy those reports,” he said. “They have wasted $6-$7 million and months of people’s time on something that is just not credible.”

One of the most significant problems is the Cyber Ninjas’ reliance on a commercial database to verify voters, White said. He called the methodology sloppy and said experts who do this for a living instead would use data directly from the County Recorder’s Office, not data from a third party.

White disputes Senate President Karen Fann’s claim that she launched the audit to improve election integrity. He said the draft report went out of its way to ensure findings would raise doubts about the process when the counts didn’t show fraud.

“It was a conspiracy to keep Donald Trump in power by extraconstitutional means,” he said.

Sellers said he suspects the supervisors will be “accused once again of not cooperating, failing to fill holes in the knowledge of the Senate’s chosen contractor.”

All eyes are on the Maricopa County audit results, and the board of supervisors and Katie Hobbs are well aware of this fact.

Jack Sellers recently shared a tweet about keeping Maricopa county routers away from the Senate’s ‘contractors’:


If the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors has nothing to hide, why would Jack Sellers mention he suspects they will be accused again of not cooperating?

Why not comply and prove what you allege is true?

Katie Hobbs must also know the reign of her voter fraud tyranny is coming to an end.

Check out her latest tweets:



The light is shining down on Maricopa County today, ready to reveal any traces of darkness lurking in our election system.

Once the first domino falls, the rest will surely follow.

With the panic at an all-time high from the Left, what we learn today from the Senate hearing should be interesting.

You can watch the Senate hearing live here.

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