Let’s Dig In To….Flat Earth?

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Buckle up my friends!

Many of you are not going to handle this article well.

Sorry, but my mission remains the same as it was when I founded this site in 2015: to shine the light on TRUTH, wherever that takes us.

So in this article we’re going to talk about the Earth, space and whether there is a massive cover up about the shape of the Earth.

Before you think I’ve gone completely crazy, all I ask is for you to look and see.

And as I always say, I report…YOU decide.

Also, before you think I’ve also gone crazy with the image up above, here’s the deal.

This is from a recent video uploaded by Sean over at SGT Report.

I’m sure MANY of you know SGT Report and have probably listened to a number of Sean’s videos.

I believe Sean is one of the absolute best interviewers out there.

He’s not crazy and he’s not afraid to let his investigation into a story take him wherever the truth goes.

So a few months ago, Sean started talking with these guys who run a channel called the Founded Earth Brothers.

It used to be Flat Earth Brothers but they changed the name to Founded Earth Brothers to reach more people.

Sean started interviewing them and in the early interviews you Sean comes right out and says he thinks “Flat Earth” is a crazy thing to even be talking about.

But then?

But then they keep talking and keep doing interviews and today Sean refers to himself as a “Globe as you’re told skeptic”.

This latest video is honestly one of the best interviews on any topic I have heard in a long time.

Incredibly powerful and I challenge anyone to watch this and not at least start to have some questions going off in your head about whether everything we have been told is a lie.

I can’t possibly put everything they talk about into one article but I’m going to hit a few high points that might cause you to say “huh?”

They did for me.

First up, did you know that despite ALL of our incredible technology and science and all the satellites and everything we have allegedly up in space, did you know that we don’t have ONE single photo of the Earth?

It’s true.

Now I know what you’re thinking, sure we do!  I’ve seen the textbooks!

Except what you don’t realize is that EVERY single photo of the Earth that you’ve ever seen has a disclaimer by it saying it is a “composite image”.

Meaning they didn’t just click a button on a camera and snap the pic….instead they took a bunch of smaller images and stitched them all together in a computer program.

Not one single real photo of Earth exists.

And since they’re making these photos in a computer program, perhaps that’s why all of the images look so different over the years:

Yes folks, those are all images NASA has tried to tell you are of the Earth.

Crazy, you wouldn’t think it would change color so much now would you?

But we’re just getting started.

Did you know there is also no live video feed showing the FULL Earth spinning in space?


There are live feed videos but it’s always just of a slice of the Earth.  Very odd.

You’d really think that with all our trips to space and all our satellites, we could turn on a camera, snap a normal picture and turn on a live feed to see the whole globe, right?

And speaking of those space trips, did you know after we went to the moon in 1972 we just chose to never go back.

Think about it.

Does that make sense to anyone?

No, I’m not joking.

Here is NASA Astronaut Don Pettit in a very famous clip saying “we don’t have the technology to go to the moon anymore.”

Watch for yourself:

Can you think of any other example in life where we found a new land and just chose to never return?

Or can you think of any other example where from 1972 to 2021 our technology went BACKWARD?

We had the tech to land on the moon in 1972 but we don’t have it now in 2021?


I know this is going to be hard for many to believe and the cognitive dissonance is going to be STRONG on this article and I’m ready for it.

I know the comments section is going to probably be a cesspool.

That’s fine.

I still have to serve the Red Pill whenever it’s needed.

And this is the biggest Red Pill out there.


Because it gets to the question everyone ultimately asks when you talk about Flat Earth:  Why?

Why would they fake this?

Why lie about this?

The answer is actually simple.

If we live on a still, flat Earth with a firmament over the top of it (like the Bible says we do) then we were obviously put here by a Creator.

But if we’re just a pale blue dot hurling through the vast emptiness of space, then we might just be random chance.  No Creator.  No God.


I’ve only just barely scratched the surface so far with my comments, but the guys in the video do such a good job I want to turn you over to them.

My only request to you is you don’t comment on this article until you actually watch the video below from SGT Report.

Then comment.

Here you go:

Let me know what you think!

And for the Flat Earthers out there, leave your best Flat Earth Proofs in the comments below too!

There are many….

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