Lin Wood: Joe Biden Has Never Set Foot In The White House Of This Country!

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Have you noticed something in the past several months?

President Trump and those around him seem clam…..unreasonably calm.

Calm, cool, collected…and dare I say “in charge”.

Meanwhile, everyone in the Bidenistas is becoming more and more unhinged, more and more angry, more and more dictator-ish by the day.

One of those people on Team Trump that seems absolutely clam and confident is Lin Wood.

For a while, he’s danced around the idea of Joe Biden…..did he win?  Did he not win?  Did he cheat?  What’s going to happen?

Not anymore.

Lin Wood just came right out and said it.

He just said with absolute conviction that Joe Biden “never set foot” in the White House!

How’s that for a statement?

Now I think the obvious clarification here, and what Lin Wood meant, is as “President” since the 2020 election.

And if what Lin Wood is saying is correct, then a fraud on the highest levels is being perpetrated on the American people.

Watch it here on Rumble:

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