“Liz Cheney Ought to be Ashamed. I Hope She’s Watching This” – Tucker Carlson Interviews Jan. 6 Victim Thomas Caldwell in UNBELIEVABLE Interview (VIDEO)

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The US government alleged that Thomas Caldwell was an OathKeeper who helped organize the organization’s presence at the US Capitol on January 6th will finally be released from prison.
Thomas said he wasn’t a member of the group.

Caldwell never entered the US Capitol on January 6th and has since his arrest been held in prison. He will be released due to health concerns.

One of the charges against Caldwell is that he communicated with fellow Oath Keepers about their travel plans to the US Capitol.

We truly are living in a totalitarian state today.

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The media to this day insists that Caldwell is an OathKeeper and that he led the “insurgency.” 

This is all complete fake news.
Here’s an earlier video.

Investigative reporter Julie Kelly wrote about Thomas Caldwell’s story at American Greatness earlier today.

On Monday Thomas Caldwell joined Tucker Carlson with his wife Sharon Caldwell to tell their horrific story.
This was a very moving interview.
Most Americans have no idea we are now living in a police state. They’ll eventually catch on.

Tucker Carlson called out Liz Cheney tonight during his interview, “Liz Cheney ought to be ashamed. I hope she’s watching.”

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