Looks Like Steve Bannon’s Grass Roots Call For Civic Involvement In Elections Has Hit A Nerve With Leftists

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Oh no! It looks like Democracy is actually working…

Steven Bannon seems to have hit a nerve with leftists with his shocking call for conservative Americans to get involved in the election process on a local level…..

Can you believe the audacity of telling Americans to get involved in their election process on a state and local level?

It’s unheard of!

This is pretty much what left leaning Pro Publica is alleging in the article below, and they credited Bannon with having spurred the conservative interest and participation in the election process:

Suddenly, people who had never before showed interest in party politics started calling the local GOP headquarters or crowding into county conventions, eager to enlist as precinct officers. They showed up in states Trump won and in states he lost, in deep-red rural areas, in swing-voting suburbs and in populous cities.

In Wisconsin, for instance, new GOP recruits are becoming poll workers. County clerks who run elections in the state are required to hire parties’ nominees. The parties once passed on suggesting names, but now hardline Republican county chairs are moving to use those powers.

So they don’t like it when Democracy is allegedly seized by force, but they don’t like it when people peacefully and legally become civically involved either?

I think they just don’t want anyone but themselves voting securely or being heard…..

The recent conservative involvement in the election process seems to have inflamed the TDS symptoms of many leftists:


MSNBC echoed Pro Publica:

Fueled by calls from former Trump adviser Steve Bannon, thousands of new precinct officers — who in some cases collectively have the power to help elect members of election oversight boards — have already signed up in key battleground states, including Michigan and Florida.

At first blush, the new army of Republican operatives may appear similar to the tea party backlash to then-President Barack Obama, which caused the Republican Party to lurch to the right as more activist candidates won office. But what Bannon is fomenting is different and more worrying. Because this new grassroots effort to penetrate the machinery of our electoral system isn’t only trying to win back control of government — it’s also an attempt to subvert the very basis of its legitimacy.


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