Man Belts Out Incredible Rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” When Audio Wouldn’t Play

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Here is your feel good story of the day….heck, of the year!

I love everything about this.

THIS is what America is all about, and it’s time we all got back to what made us great as a country!

No more tearing down our monuments….

No more cancelling our flag….

No more apologizing for America.

Enough is enough!

We are PROUD of America and this is the example we should all be following….

….if only we all had pipes like this guy.

So here’s the story….

When the music system at this high school basketball game malfunctioned during the National Anthem, this man sprang into action and let it rip, taking the whole place totally off guard.

The results?


Please enjoy right here on Rumble:

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