Man Kicked Out Of Hospital, Forced To leave Sick Daughter Alone!

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Have you ever studied the Holocaust and asked “how could anyone do that?”

Not Hitler, we all understand he was evil.

I mean, how could the lower level people go along with it?

Of course the excuse always is “I was just following orders.”

But after living through this Planned-demic, I think it’s actually much worse than that.

I’ve witnessed countless “gatekeepers” as I like to call them going on massive power-trips and loving every minute of it.

You know the “gatekeepers”….they’re the people in charge of some small little system and they let the power immediately go to their head.

They’re the flight attendants who LOVE forcing people to wear masks….

They’re the ticket counters who won’t let you into an event without a vaxx card….

They’re the hospital workers that are more concerned with making sure you can’t see your loved ones than they are about any actual medical care or compassion….

They’re the managers of stores that just can’t wait to throw you out for not wearing a mask.

These people aren’t just “following orders”.


They are REVELING in their newly-found power.

These are the people who not only would have “followed orders” but they would do so gleefully.

This planned-demic gave us all a window into some people’s souls, and it’s NOT always pretty.

The latest example?

This man who was thrown out of a hospital room where his very sick daughter was being treated.


Presumably because he was not wearing a mask or not vaxxed.

So wrong.

Warning: this will make your blood boil!

Watch here on Rumble:

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