Members of Congress, Judges, Staffers Are All EXEMPT From Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates

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Rules for thee and not for the elite!

Joe Biden’s most recent Executive Orders will force all Federal employees along with contactors working with the Federal government to get vaccinated.

There’s a catch though, all members of Congress, Judges, and their staffers are not required to be vaccinated.

So it appears, unless you don’t have some kind of authority within the U.S. government then you must be vaccinated.

Along with Biden’s EO, at the request of the Biden administration, OSHA is enacting a new rule that will require all companies with over 100 employees to mandate Covid-19 vaccines for their workers.

The Epoch Times covered the story check out what they had to share:

On Thursday evening, President Joe Biden unveiled two executive orders that could mandate vaccinations for the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus for millions of working Americans in both the public and private spheres. But absent from these mandates are similar requirements for members of Congress, federal judges, or their staffers.

Biden’s executive orders would unilaterally require vaccination for federal employees, the military, and government contractors. The president also asked Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to require that firms with over 100 employees either mandate vaccination or weekly CCP virus tests. In total, these mandates could affect over 100 million American workers, making it one of the widest-reaching vaccine mandates in world history.

The order would cover civilian employees of executive offices like the State Department and Department of Defense, and would also require all military personnel to receive the vaccine. In total, this no-excuses order would affect millions of civilian and non-civilian federal employees.

The Executive Order by Biden  clearly shows that there’s a whole different set of rules for those in power.

True leadership is shown by example, and the White House is showing there’s a double standard when it comes to vaccinations.

The USPS employees are also exempt from forced vaccinations and we all know the reason behind this is because Democrats need to keep the USPS unions as happy as possible so they can keep using the USPS for mass mail-in ballots.

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