Military Leadership Will Tolerate NO Disrespect Towards Biden—Tries To SILENCE Veterans

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Lt. Col Scheller must have hit a nerve…….

Because now the military is telling retired service members that they cannot publicly criticize Biden over his disaster in Afghanistan…..

Pretty much sounds like communism to me.

I get that there are rules and regulations in the military, but come on—top military brass and the “President” all just screwed up in a major way—they crapped the bed, and the entire world saw it.

Secondly, any and all rules pertaining to not being critical of a sitting President are anti-American. It doesn’t matter that the military institutes these rules because we have all just seen how corrupt military leadership is.

I think it’s time to replace them all.



Col. Scheller had every moral right to question the competency of both military leadership as well as Joe Biden after these events, as reported by Becker News:

A Pentagon-connected source tells Becker News that 13 service members are believed to be killed in the wake of multiple suicide bomb explosions near Kabul airport.

Meanwhile, Becker News has learned of reports that Americans’ passports are being seized at Taliban checkpoints.

The Daily Wire had a full copy of the letter:

Given the heightened political and social atmosphere surrounding Afghanistan, it is important to remind our uniformed personnel (active duty and reservists on temporary active duty) and military retirees of their responsibilities and obligations under Article 88 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice and Department of Defense Directive 1344.10.

While it is vital to protect the constitutional right of freedom of expression for these groups, consistent with mission accomplishment, national security, and good order and discipline, it’s important to remember certain limitations. Namely, uniformed personnel and military retirees are prohibited from disrespecting senior government leadership (e.g. the President, Vice President, Congress, Secretary of Defense, Service Secretaries, etc.).

Per the same uniformed personnel policy, ONI members cannot participate in partisan political activity or distribute partisan political literature. An internal ONI member told The Daily Wire that these policies were more relaxed under the Trump administration and recalled retired officers condemning the former President.

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