Missouri School District Bans Unvaccinated Students From Homecoming Dance

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Every part of our society is being segregated like it’s the 1960s all over again.

Workplaces, hospitals, and universities.

If you refuse the experimental COVID-19 injections, then you’re treated as a second-class citizen.

Unfortunately, medical segregation has trickled into our schools.

For children who don’t receive the toxic injections, privileges are stripped from them and reserved to those who comply with the authoritarians.

Located just outside of St. Louis, Missouri, Hazelwood School District banned unvaccinated students from attending the homecoming dance.

It’s blatant discrimination against minors whose parents don’t want them to receive the Big Pharma injections.

And the policy doesn’t make sense scientifically since vaccinated can contract and transmit the virus.

This segregation policy is coercion against students whose parents refuse for them to take the experimental COVID-19 injections.

By banning unvaccinated students from school events, the school district hopes to shame the parents into letting their child get the injections.

It’s criminal and parents should file lawsuits against Hazelwood School District for discrimination.



Gateway Pundit received an email from a concerned parent:

My daughter is a Senior at Hazelwood West High School in Hazelwood, MO. On September 16 the school notified the students that their Homecoming dance and parade was going to be canceled this year. The dance, I believe, was supposed to be on Saturday, October 9. Some girls had already bought dresses and people already been asked out for the dance. The school was still going to have the homecoming football game and the homecoming spirit week but the dance and parade were canceled.

My wife and I were very upset that they canceled the dance since my daughter is a senior and was going to go to the Homecoming dance. She had already missed about a year worth of in-person school events, dances, and in-person schooling since COVID started. The school has been 100% in-person since the beginning of this school year.

We were going to attend the next school board meeting to complain about the Homecoming Dance cancellation but since COVID began last year the school board has had all of their meetings VIRTUALLY. They used to have them on Zoom and now they are supposed to be on YouTube live. If a parent or person wants to make a comment or complaint to the school board – since the meetings are virtual – the parent has to submit their comments ahead of time before the meeting starts. Then during the meeting, all they do is read the parents’ comments out loud. The parents cannot speak live during the virtual meeting but someone else reads their statement. The parents’ statement has to be about 320 words or less long which they say would last 3 minutes to read. It is ridiculous that the Hazelwood School Board is still meeting virtually when everything else has gone back to in-person!

I submitted my comments and complaints about the dance being canceled the day before the September 21 meeting. I tried to log in to watch the YouTube live meeting when the meeting was supposed to start on September 21 but there was no meeting happening. I kept trying but the link was not going to the meeting. The next day they said they had “Technical Difficulties” and they had to cancel that meeting. So my comments about not agreeing that the Homecoming Dance should be canceled were not read or heard.

On September 22, my daughter texted my wife and me around Noon and told us that the school had just announced over the loudspeaker that the school was having a “Hazelwood West Homecoming Sunset” Dance on Friday, October 8 from 4:30-6 pm but in order to attend you HAD to be VACCINATED.

The school’s Athletics/Activities Director, Counseling Department Supervisor, Subrinia Chappelle (schappel@hazelwoodschools.org)(phone number  314-953-5835) then sent an email to parents around 4:15 pm which had a Subject Line of: HW Homecoming Events. In the body of the email message it said, “Please see attachment for our Homecoming Week activities”.

There were 2 attachments with the email. I have attached the 2 flyers sent from the school concerning this. On the Homecoming Sunset Dance flyer that was attached it said “Hazelwood West Homecoming Sunset, Friday, October 8, 4:30-6 pm”. It said the location of the dance would be on the “blacktop behind the Gym” which is outside the parking lot. The flyer also said, “You must show your school I.D. and fully vaccinated COVID Card* when you purchase your tickets. Masks are required. * Must be 2 weeks after last shot”.

So the school is discriminating against those students who have not been vaccinated. There’s no reason a healthy 17-year-old should get vaccinated. There is no reason school children should be vaccinated since even if they get COVID the child has a 99.8 percent chance that they will survive from it. The vaccination can cause more harm to Children than actually getting COVID. The vaccine can cause children to develop secondary conditions from it. A lot of it being heart-related. So why would the school say that only the Vaccinated can go to the dance! It is ridiculous and it is insanity! Plus the dance is now outside so it should be even safer.

The school is separating students into groups which are: vaccinated and unvaccinated! Public schools, corporations, the media, and the left like to separate people into groups nowadays. They like to separate people by race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc. Now they are separating students into vaccinated and unvaccinated! They cannot give privileges to certain students (vaccinated) and not others (unvaccinated). That is called discrimination! When they separate the children into vaccinated and unvaccinated they are shaming the unvaccinated! They are saying something like “you unvaccinated children are not good enough to be a part of this dance”. Some parents, which I am one of, will not allow their minor child to be vaccinated. So it may not even be the child’s choice that they are not vaccinated and therefore cannot go to the dance.


It is not the school’s decision on whether a child will be vaccinated. It is up to the child’s parents! The child’s parents decide what is best for their child, not the school. My wife and I are not anti-vaccination. We have gotten all of our children vaccinated only after a vaccine has had years of research and study to make sure it is safe. The COVID vaccine has not had enough time to be studied yet.

Please report on this discrimination and insanity that they are doing. Please bring it to the attention of the St Louis area and the United States that schools cannot restrict privileges from students because of them being unvaccinated.

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