More Of That January 6th Footage Is Being Released, As The State Narrative Crumbles

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There was no Insurrection, and our readers know that.

Still, we have half the country believing that a vicious insurrection, and an assault on liberty, occurred on January 6th 2021.

The F.B.I. and those in the deep state fought tooth and nail to conceal footage confirming what The F.B.I. has already publicly acknowledged….

Now we are getting reports that prosecutors have lost the battle to keep a set of January 6th Capitol surveillance videos under lock and key.

That’s right, more of these videos will soon be revealed to the public, and soon the whole country will know what we have known for months now.

In fact, here’s some of that footage right now, doesn’t really look like an insurrection to me:


Big League Politics had this to say:

Federal prosecutors on Tuesday were forced to release a new set of surveillance videos from the protest on January 6th following a court order by a judge, reportedly rejected arguments by the government that the viewing of such clips threatens the security of the complex.

The ruling is a huge blow for US Capitol Police and the US Attorney’s office who have intentionally been trying to hide footage of the Capitol Hill Protests on January 6th.

US District Chief Judge Beryl Howell was the man who ordered the release following a request by multiple media outlets.


A recent survey by PRRI found that a majority of Republicans blame liberal activists for the events of January 6th:

Republicans’ blame attributions vary by which media sources they trust most to provide accurate information about politics and current events.

Only a sliver of Republicans who most trust Fox News and far-right sources such as Newsmax and One America News Network say Trump holds a lot of the blame (3% each), and similarly few place a lot of blame on white conservative Christian groups (2% and 1%, respectively) and Republican leaders (2% and 0%, respectively).

Fox News viewers are more likely than far-right news viewers to say a lot of blame goes to white supremacist groups (25% and 17%, respectively) and conservative media platforms that spread conspiracy theories and misinformation (21% and 15%, respectively).

Not surprisingly, far-right news viewers are more likely than Fox News viewers to falsely assert that a lot of blame goes to liberal or left-wing activists for the violent attack on the U.S. Capitol (76% and 69%, respectively), though both groups overwhelmingly hold this view.

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