More Vaccines, More Covid Cases? What On Earth Is Going On?

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“We need to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated” – Kamala Harris ‘VP’ of The United States.

Nothing in the world says “these vaccines don’t work” like Kamala Harris’ statement you just read above.

There has been a theory going around that the reason the federal government is pushing mass vaccination and vaccine mandates is to destroy the control group of unvaccinated individuals.

A control group would actually shed light on how effective these vaccines are in reality.

Governments all over the world don’t want people finding out the truth: these ‘vaccines’ are little more than flu shots. I am not saying that they are flu shots, merely that they have the same effect, and should be treated the same way.

The latest reports highlight a positive correlation between vaccination rates and Covid-19 cases:


Becker News had a detailed analysis, and I encourage you to take a look, for now here is an interesting excerpt:

Despite vaccination rates of 68% in the 12 and up demographic and 80% in the critical 65 and up demographic, California has experienced yet another wave in August. This has been accompanied by an increasing reported death rate.

Washington state is similar in that it has 73% ‘fully vaccinated’ in the 12 and up demographic, as well 89% in the 65 and up. Like California, these rates will be much higher within weeks. And like California, it is reporting soaring case and mortality rates.


8 News Now, a local CBS affiliate, reports that 1 in 5 new cases are among the vaccinated:

Twenty-five people who had received a COVID-19 vaccine died in the past two weeks from the virus, new data from the Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD) showed.

The district now reports more than 9,000 breakthrough coronavirus cases in Clark County since vaccines were made available. Out of those 9,080 cases, 137 people died. For the month of September, about one out of every five new COVID-19 cases involves a person who was vaccinated.

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