New Zealand Pharmacy Hands Out “Blue Pill” Jelly Beans After Taking COVID-19 Jab

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No, you can’t make this up folks.

A New Zealand pharmacy literally handed out packages of “blue pill” jelly beans to visitors who received the experimental COVID-19 jabs.

If you’ve watched The Matrix, the similarities of the movie to our reality are indistinguishable.

Movie watchers know the blue pill-red pill reference.

Choosing the red pill unplugs you from the Matrix and frees your mind from the system’s mental enslavement.

On the other hand, the blue pill is acceptance of your enslavement and comfortable life within the Matrix.

Thy symbolism of earning a blue pill “vaccination treat” earned stark comparisons to the famous movie.




Labeled “vaccination treat,” the reward also earned comparisons to an obedient dog earning their treat for following the commands of their master.


Reading through the thread indicates many people have definitely taken the “blue pill.”

Some display jealously they didn’t earn a “treat” for themselves.



Have these individuals accepted that “reality is a lie?”

I’ve added the movie clip for those who haven’t watched The Matrix.


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