NHS Doctors Receive a £10 Bonus In Addition to £12.58 for Every Child Vaccinated with Experimental COVID-19 Jab

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They want to vaccinate your children by any means necessary.

The push to inject children with these experimental COVID-19 jabs took a dark turn in recent days.

While the JCVI (UK’s vaccine advisory body) refused to approve the experimental jab for 12-15 year olds, the UK government plans to inject them any way.

They’re trying to override parental consent.

And they’re giving doctors financial incentive to inject children with the experimental jabs.

It’s demonic and parents need to step up now more than ever.

Here’s the latest developments:





These monsters continue preying on children from all angles.

They’re attempting to manipulate and/or intimidate them to receive the injection.

If the child agrees, they’re going to bypass parental consent.

And they’re paying doctors extra money to get as many children injected as possible.

A recent NHS document revealed the details of this financial incentive.

Check it out:




From the NHS Document:

Further updates for practices delivering COVID-19 vaccinations to eligible 12-15 year olds

  • Practices delivering the COVID-19 vaccination enhanced service, who have not opted out of vaccinating patients in cohort 13, can vaccinate eligible 12-15 year olds now.
  • Practices that opted out of phase 2 (cohorts 10-12), but continue to deliver COVID19 vaccination to cohorts 1-9 can vaccinate eligible 12-15 year olds, if they have not opted out of vaccinating patients in cohort 13.
  • We have published this set of FAQs. The LVS Standard Operating Procedure will shortly be updated to reflect the revised JCVI guidance.
  • New public facing resources are available to order from Public Health England.
  • In addition to the £12.58 item of service fee for administration of a COVID-19 vaccination, a further supplement of £10 can be claimed per vaccination dose to eligible patients aged 12-15 years old (cohort xiii.1 and cohort xiii.2). Only one £10 supplement per vaccination is claimable. The Point of Care system providers will incorporate a couple of additional requirements to support recording vaccination events for this cohort:
  • recognition of the supplementary payment of £10 through the amendment of the existing ‘home of housebound’ data field to reflect the inclusion of Eligible Children
  • additional consent options to support the vaccination of children.

For vaccination events carried out before the Point of Care system is updated, sites are asked to record the vaccination as administered at the home of a housebound patient. This will ensure the £10 supplement is recorded and will avoid retrospective recording of the data. The screens within the NHSBSA Manage Your Service portal are also being updated to reflect these changes, which will be evident within the September declaration window.

The Daily Expose reported:

The Pfizer mRNA Covid-19 injection is now being given to children over the age of 12 who are classed as vulnerable or live with others classed as vulnerable, and a Daily Expose Investigation can reveal that all GP’s are to be paid £22.58 for every dose given to a child as an incentive, the search engine Google is trying to hide itand the NHS is advising vaccinators that parental consent is not required.

On the 3rd September 2021 the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) announced they were not recommending the Pfizer Covid-19 injection be offered to all children over the age of 12. However, they did announce that even more children would be eligible by extending the list of underlying conditions that put children into the vulnerable category.

Of course there was cause for celebration with the announcement that an experimental injection would not be given to the children of the United Kingdom, but the celebrations were short lived because instead of flat our refusing to recommend the jab the JCVI instead passed the buck to the four Chief Medical Officer’s (CMO’s) of the United Kingdom, meaning the fate of the nations children now lies firmly in the hands of Professor Chris Whitty and his colleagues in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The Government also sent a letter the four CMO’s upon the JCVI’s announcement instructing them to review the JCVI’s decision with immediate effect, showing how desperate they really are to give an experimental injection that does not prevent infection or transmission to children.

So desperate in fact that the Health Secretary Sajid Javid has already instructed the NHS to prepare for vaccinating children. One has to question why they are so desperate when the latest Public Health data shows that 75% of Covid-19 deaths in the summer third wave consist of people who were vaccinated, and shows that the jabs seem to be increasing the risk of hospitalisation and death significantly, rather than reducing it by the claimed 95%.

And don’t think they won’t try this in the United States.

Parents, guard your children from these monsters.

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