Now Tennis Fans Are Having Djokovic Signs Confiscated By Australian Open Officials!

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If they were trying to roll out George Orwell’s 1984, you’d have to admit they’re doing an almost perfect job!

Rewriting the meaning of words…

Penalizing “WrongThink”…

And now you can’t even have a sign of support for a tennis player!

That’s the latest from the Tyranny Down Under!

Earlier this week we brought you news that world tennis no.1 star Novak Djokovic was being expelled from Australia.


A day later a SECOND tennis superstar was held against her will:

And now?

Now they’re turning on the fans.

Just as I predicted.

I told you quote:

If they can do this to the world’s no.1 tennis superstar, imagine what they’ll do to you and me!

Well, now we’re starting to find out as fans in the stands are no longer even allowed to have a sign supporting Djokovic!

Yes, really.

Watch here:

And more here:

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