POWERFUL: Hank Kunneman Prophetic Declaration From Open Heaven’s Conference

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If you follow Pastor Hank Kunneman, you know he was holding his Open Heaven’s Conference in Omaha, NE this past weekend.

In addition to Pastor Hank, it featured Mario Murillo, Kent Christmas, Lance Wallnau and Kat Kerr.

Powerful group!

I can’t wait for more videos to be posted, but for now I have a sneak peak 10 minute clip for you.

This is Pastor Hank making a prophetic declaration and explaining when he feels we are at the moment of a great shifting.

We are at the moment of a great fall…..meaning not just the season but a great tumbling that many powerful people are about to face.

Do you doubt it?

That’s ok.

People doubted Noah….until it rained.

Sodom mocked God….until they were turned to salt.

Here’s the really great thing: your doubt does not stop God from doing what he has set his mind to do!

And it’s going to be glorious!

Hang in there friends, you’re about to see something UNPRECEDENTED in your lifetime!

Watch and enjoy this here:

And I’ll be back soon with more videos from the conference.


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