Predictive Programming? 70’s German Film “The Hamburg Syndrome” Closely Resembles COVID-19

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A few months ago, I talked about the Amazon series “Utopia” and how it’s likely a case of predictive programming.

The globalist elite have a funny way of giving us clues to their future plans.

It’s usually through works of art that they hint of their sinister goals for ‘utopia.’

The film industry is a common outlet to watch predictive programming in action.

Digging through the vault has revealed a film that mimics COVID-19 almost to a tee.

The 1979 German film is titled ‘The Hamburg Syndrome.’

Watch these clips from the movie and compare that to the present COVID-19 madness:

Here’s another trailer for the film:

And an interpretive video to ponder:

-A mysterious virus

-Quarantines & travel restrictions

-People walking around in masks

-Mass vaccinations

That’s exactly how COVID-19 has played out.


Read the plot from Wikipedia:

A deadly epidemic breaks out in Hamburg.[6] The victims fall dead out of the blue and adopt an embryonic posture.[1] In one scene a doctor who autopsies the dead has his say: “Three days ago it was 12, the day before yesterday 57 and now we don’t have any more space.”[4] Politicians and the military intervene, set up quarantine stations and develop a vaccine, which, however, carries high risks.[7] Normal public life has come to a complete standstill, people only dare to go out onto the often deserted streets with face masks and, in some cases, self-made protective suits.[5] There are rigorous travel restrictions, all those who have stayed in the vicinity of infected people are placed in strictly guarded quarantine and the “patient zero” search is feverishly on for the outbreak of the epidemic.[5] The Hanseatic city is cordoned off, and a small group of people wanders across the Federal Republic on the run. In doing so, they pass Lüneburg.[8] The city is already cordoned off. Fulda becomes a collecting basin for the refugee movement.[6] Germany is in a state of emergency.[5] And with the end of the plague, which died out as suddenly as it appeared, the “Hamburg disease” ends in Southern Germany.[6

Is this all one big population control agenda they’ve planned for decades?

Let’s ask Bill Gates of Hell

Or, refer to the Georgia Guidestones:

Was ‘The Hamburg Syndrome’ a way for the globalists to brag about their plans?

Did they get their depopulation agenda ideas from the film?

Or is it all one big coincidence?

Tell us what you think.

If you wish to watch the movie, you can check it out at Internet Archive (no subtitles).

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