Quebec Drops COVID-19 Jab Mandate For Healthcare Workers

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This is what happens when you stick together and HOLD THE LINE!

You force the hand of the tyrants and make them back off.

That’s what happened in the Canadian province of Quebec.

The provincial government dropped their COVID-19 jab mandate for healthcare workers.

Watch Chris Sky’s message below:

Here’s more on this turning point in Quebec:

From Global News:

After pushing back its deadline multiple times, Health Minister Christian Dubé said the province will abandon the measure altogether, as the health-care network can’t afford to lose the thousands of non-vaccinated employees.

The loss of unvaccinated staff would have had a “devastating effect on the system,” according to the health ministry.

The province’s plan to suspend unvaccinated workers as of Nov. 15 would have forced the health sector to cut services and would have compromised efforts to improve working conditions for all employees.

While 97 per cent of those who work in Quebec’s heath-care system are vaccinated, 14,000 haven’t received a first dose, and of those, 5,000 are in direct contact with patients.

Although this battle is won, the war against medical tyranny continues.

The COVID-19 jab mandate for new hires in the Quebec healthcare sector remains:

The Epoch Times added this tidbit:

Instead of the original plan, vaccination will no longer be mandatory for current employees, he said, but they have to be tested for COVID-19 at least three times a week. As for new hires, they will be required to be vaccinated.

The government originally set an Oct. 15 deadline for health care workers to be vaccinated but extended it by a month amid urgent staffing shortages.

PCR tests three times per week and mandated COVID-19 jabs for new hires still needs to go.

But this victory to end COVID-19 jab mandates for active healthcare workers is a good sign moving forward for our northerly neighbors.

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