REMINDER: They Fall In Fall…

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Friendly Reminder….they ‘fall’ in fall.

Kim Clement told us this years ago.

Recently, several prophetic voices have said now is the time.

Most recently was Bo Polny when he came on my show this week.

So now, please enjoy this friendly reminder right here on Rumble:

And speaking of Bo Polny…

Good things are coming my friends, very good things!  Miracles!  Turnarounds in one day!

We talked Trump, Biden, Thanksgiving, Christmas, times and seasons, bitcoin, gold and silver….and so much more.

Just trust me on this, you do not want to miss this one!

They fall in fall.

As always, I usually target 30-45 minutes for our chats but it ends up being so interesting that we run long!

We covered a lot of ground and I asked Bo several of the questions I have received from YOU in your emails to me.

So if you’ve been wanting your questions answered, there’s a good chance I asked him in this interview!

I think you’re really going to enjoy this…

Watch here on Rumble:

As always, Bo’s slides are BEAUTIFUL and provided 100% for free.

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