RESULTS ARE IN: Do You Still Trust In God To Work a MIRACLE For President Trump and America?

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Last week I brought you a special question for our Reader Poll of the day.

It was this:

I promised to bring you the results and here they are!

We had a FLOOD of feedback on this one, very popular.

With over 21,000 of you voting, the response was an overwhelming YES!

That was definitely my answer too, but I wasn’t sure if people had given up hope…

Lost heart….

It looks like everyone is holding firm!


Hang in there folks, a Miracle Red Sea Moment is coming, I believe it!

Mark Taylor believes it.

Bo Polny believes it.

So I’d say you, me and 21,000 of our closest friends are in GOOD company!


And if you haven’t added your vote yet, it’s not too late.

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