SHOCKING Video Released by Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan Displays the Disgusting Racism of the Australian Government

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Mainstream media and progressives always depict conservatives and libertarians as “racists” or “white supremacists.”

But it’s a classic case of projection from their racist tendencies.

Mark McGowan, the authoritarian Premier of Western Australia, illustrated the warped minds of progressives with a disturbing message to Australian Aboriginals.

The Australian Labor Party politician wanted to relay his COVID-19 message to Aboriginals, so he asked an indigenous elder to translate from English to “Aboriginal English.”

Watch the disturbing video below:


Twitter users reacted to McGowan’s message:





The saddest part of this revolting clip is McGowan doesn’t realize how racist and disrespectful it is to the Aboriginal community.

It appears he genuinely thinks Australian Aboriginals don’t understand what he’s saying.

But he thinks this open display of racism is the correct action to take.

The clip follows earlier reports of Australian Aboriginals receiving brutal treatment from the government.

WLT reported on accusations that Australian forces placed Aboriginals into COVID-19 camps and allegedly injected them with the COVID-19 jabs against their will.

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