State Trooper Gives Final Signoff After 22 Years — Fired For Being Unvaxxed

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This is absolutely disgusting….

One of those things that makes you so angry you just want to punch the wall or something.

A police veteran — 22 years as a State Trooper — was just forced out, forced to quit.


Police brutality?


Too old to do the job?


Fired for being unvaxxed.

Or for being “dirty” as he refers to it.

Hey, I guess if you can’t defund all the police the next best thing is for these lunatics to fire them for being unvaxxed huh?

The war on our police is absolutely despicable.

His final message is touching and I thought you needed to see it.

I especially love his message for that spineless dictator Gov. Inslee.

Watch it here on Rumble and let’s see if we can get this to go viral for the Trooper…..

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