Was There a 40,000 Vote Dump to Flip New Jersey’s Largest County From Red to Blue?

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At the time of writing, New Jersey is still too close to call.

While many political analysts thought Virginia’s gubernatorial election would be a photo finish, it’s traditionally deep-blue New Jersey making Democrats nervous.

But could voter fraud give the incumbent Democrat Phil Murphy the narrow win for the Garden State?

Bergen County, the state’s most populated county, has come under fire early this morning for a mysterious vote dump.

At midnight, Bergen reported 219,894 votes and had Republican candidate Jack Ciattarelli ahead 52% to 47% at 100% reporting.

By 7:30am, the vote tally increased to 261,528 and gave Murphy the win 52% to 48%.

Seems odd when they had 100% reporting at midnight.

Here’s the breakdown:





Unsurprisingly, Democrats cry “mail in ballots” to excuse the extra 40,000 votes.


But that doesn’t explain the middle-of-the-night vote dump with 100% reporting from Bergen County when New Jerseyans went to sleep.

Share far & wide to ensure New Jersey knows to demand a full audit for the shady discovery!

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