Was There a Hidden Message For “Help” on an Irish News Clip About COVID-19 Jabs?

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A news clip out of Ireland has raised eyebrows for what appears to be a message hidden in plain sight.

And that message reads “help.”

In the RTE News clip, the reporter discusses administering COVID-19 boosters as the camera pans over a laboratory preparing doses.

Watch the clip and notice the “help” message:

There are questions about the authenticity of the “help” message spelled out in tape.

Here’s a link to the RTE Six One News telecast on their website. Notice the message for “help” at 2:57.

Is this a sick joke or a desperate plea for help from the outside world?

As reported last week, Ireland is in dire straits due to a terrifying proposed bill that would give the State power to detain suspected potential COVID-19 spreaders.

In essence, it’s their internment camp bill that allows the government to lock you up when deemed a public health threat.

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