WATCH: Aussies Rise Against Tyranny! Fascist Bootlickers Knock Elderly Woman to Ground & Pepper Spray Her

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If you’re not aware, today is Worldwide Rally for Freedom 4.0.

Protests will take place in 180+ cities and 45+ countries.

Several freedom rallies are scheduled in the United States later today.

To find a protest near you, follow the WorldWideDemonstration Telegram Group.

Their Instagram page was taken down.

I think you can guess why.

Our Big Tech Overlords hate freedom and want the peasants to remain quiet.

But we won’t be silenced.

Due to the time difference, freedom rallies have already started in Australia.

Australia has experienced arguably the greatest suffering under COVID-19 tyranny any where on the planet.

Their citizens are treated like slaves.

Cops act like fascist bootlickers.

People are locked into their homes nearly 24 hours per day.

And the Nazi Australia regime constructed COVID Concentration Camps.

Yes, I’m calling them that.

Today, Aussies rallied in massive numbers to fight their tyrannical government.

Things got wild in Melbourne.

The government shut down public transport in effort to thwart the protest efforts.

Those efforts failed.


Here’s another angle:


More footage from Melbourne:




Other parts of Australia also had massive rallies:


Returning to Melbourne, the regime’s fascist bootlickers showed their ugly face.

Watch this footage of police knocking an elderly woman to the ground and proceeding to pepper spray her in the face:



These thugs lost their humanity months ago.

The only thing that could return it is joining forces with the citizens to help liberate the country from the regime.

Stay tuned for more coverage from Australia and other freedom rallies around the world.

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