WATCH: Hilarious Video Timeline of COVID-19 Jab “Efficacy”

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Here’s some humor to start your weekend.

Remember the nonstop lectures about the “efficacy” of the experimental COVID-19 injections?

Fraudci bragged to Americans about how the COVID-19 jabs were “virtually 100% efficacious.”

How has virtual 100% efficacy turned out for Fraudci?

Well, it hasn’t unfolded as advertised for everyone.

The efficacy has plummeted, and we’re now on boosters.

In the case of Israel, a 4th dose of the extremely efficacious COVID-19 jabs.

We’ve gone from nearly 100% prevention of transmission to needing bi-annual boosters to stop the next dreaded variant.

Watch the epic collapse of COVID-19 jab efficacy in this highlight reel:


Whenever someone tells you about these “safe & effective” jabs, have them watch that clip.

And enjoy the shock or anger on their face.

It also helps to show them where the real “efficacy” lies for the COVID-19 jabs.

Big Pharma profits.



When you follow the $cience, everything makes sense.

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