WATCH: Horrific Child Injuries From Experimental COVID-19 Injections Include Permanent Blindness & Deafness

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They’re coming after your children.

There is no other way for me to put it.

These medical fascists will use every tool in their arsenal to inject your child with this experimental toxin.

Public schools will prey on children to inject them and will attempt to bypass parental consent.

Los Angeles already mandated the experimental jabs for children 12+.

L.A. parents are rightfully outraged by this medical tyranny against their kids.

In New York City, they’re sending pop-up vaccination vans to all middle and high schools to jab kids 12+.

Here’s a warning from a NYC Department of Education employee.

A NYC City Council Meeting revealed the disgusting treatment they have planned for school children this year.

For the moment, they’re focused on jabbing kids 12+.

However, 5-11 year olds will be the next targets for these child abusers.


What could be the consequences of including children in this evil mass vaccination campaign?

New reports expose horrifying child injuries from these experimental injections.

Dozens of children in the 6-17 age cohort reported permanent blindness or deafness from the jabs.

Some of the VAERS reports came as late as September 5th.

This report alone warrants a complete shut down of the entire inoculation campaign.

But the medical fascists push forward with their plan to vaccinate children.

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Watch the report from the Stew Peters Show safely on Rumble:

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