WATCH: “Let’s Go Brandon” Goes International, Rome Protestors Chant F**K Joe Biden Outside U.S. Embassy

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God Bless Italy!

That’s all I have to say after witnessing this over the weekend.

Italians are in the fight for their lives against COVID tyranny.

The Italian regime recently ordered all companies not to pay unvaccinated workers.

Protestors hit the streets by the tens of thousands once again across Italy.

But this moment brought a smile to my face.

As a group of protestors passed the U.S. Embassy in Rome, they chanted “F**K Joe Biden.”

You gotta love it!

Watch this clip saved on Rumble:


The Rome protests against COVID-19 injection mandates this weekend were epic.

Here’s more footage:




To all the Italian freedom fighters, don’t give up.

Keep fighting to end this COVID tyranny!

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