WATCH: “Maskhole” Harrasses Woman In The Store, Other Shoppers Defend Her

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This is not ok….

I don’t care which side of the debate you are on, I am tired of seeing people harrassed like this.

And I will say this.

The harassment seems to be entirely one-sided.

I don’t see anti-maskers harassing the people who choose to wear them.

It’s called freedom and liberty.

Make your own choice!

I don’t care if the whole world wants to wear a mask, more power to you!

Just don’t tell ME what to do.

But that’s exactly what the MASKHOLES do….

They want to tell YOU what you can and can’t do.

Even when they’re fully poisoned (errrrrr “vaxxed”) and even when they’re wearing 3 masks, for some reason they are still obsessed with telling YOU what you need to do.


If masks work, then you’re should be working, right?

If vaccines work, then yours should be working, right?

If they BOTH work, then why are you harassing this woman?

Watch it for yourself folks, right here on Rumble:


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